About Us

Our chaplaincy is composed of local ordained ministers who provide emotional & spiritual support to Turlock's first responders, their families and to any and all victims or witnesses of violent crimes or other traumatic incidents. All of us have received special advanced training for police & fire chaplains. We do not impose our religious beliefs on anyone, but we are always willing to share our faith with those who request it.

We work very closely with local police & fire as well as other first responders. We often visit with these officers during their duty hours and have become friends with many of them. We make it a priority to help them and their families to cope with the incredibly stressful events they regulary experience.

Chaplain Dave Williams responding to a fatal auto-bike accident on East Avenue

We also accompany them when they must give death notices to next of kin and then remain to provide support and assistance to those affected individuals until their own personal support is available.

We are regularly called by police officers to provide emergency counseling to witnesses or victims of violent crimes and other traumatic incidents. When appropriate we offer follow-up counseling to these individuals or refer them to other professionals or to ministers of their own religious faith.

Although most of those whom we help are brought to our attention by police officers, firefighters & paramedics — we are always on duty or on call 365/24 to provide counseling, emotional support and/or spiritual assistance to anyone in our community who needs immediate help because of a crisis or traumatic incident.

There is never a charge for our services. All of our expenses are covered by private donations.

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